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Journal Title
moar things i've destroyed by eating 
20th-Oct-2013 04:34 pm
-half bag mangoes (300 cal?)
-2 slices tuscan pane (220 cal)
-2 slices trader joes black forest ham (300?)
-2 slices trader joes muenster cheese (300?)
total ~1200 cal

I used to like Trader Joe's as a place to get novelty foods, but living off of it sucks. If I'd known there was no grocery store in this city, I totally would've gone to another city to rot away for the next few years, though if that'd happened it might not involve rotting. But for now, I rot away.
Also I am sure I will hate mangoes, dumplings, and stir fried frozen vegetables so much by the time the year is over. Which is unfortunate, because I already lost interest in most foods, and I hate pears, green beans, fish, bean sprouts, and Vitamin Water because of what my dad did. I don't really care for snack foods anymore, and I can't stomach candy now apparently. So much for buying two packs of Reeses cups, the best candy in the world. Nope.