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Journal Title
Tick tock 
14th-May-2012 10:55 pm
What are you doing eating trashed, stale ABP pastries and feeling hosed but still okay when there's work to do? You're looking at a phys inorg pset (with 8, EIGHT problems) and a phys inorg PRESENTATION to prepare by mf'ing tomorrow at 8AM. Are you going to sleep tonight? Then you have to finish the nanoprocessing take home exam and write that 10 page paper on Brian Hoffman's EPR and ENDOR characterization of reactive intermediates in the generation of NO by cryoreduced oxy-nitric oxide synthase from g stearothermophilus. Things may make sense now, but you're going to go braindead in a few hours, and you didn't sleep much last night either. To top it, remember that PRESENTATION you have to give at 8AM? Can't fake that. Stop being sad over failing at circuits and smelling like burnt op amps. It smells bad. Stop being sad about that presentation earlier. You're used to getting B's now. You're used to sucking at school now. Stop eating that pastry; it doesn't taste good at all, and you're not even hungry. Finish that presentation; you can't have your partner do all of it, and he might not either. You were supposed to finish that this morning. Do that pset. IT'S ONLY 10% OF YOUR GRADE. THIS SINGLE PSET. HOLY CRAP FJDISAOANDFSJONAFFFFFFFFFF