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Hello, if you "like studying" and don't know already, try studyfanatics! It's the hottest thing since goat cheese and it's totally studyrific!

I periodically delete all my entries. If this weren't the case, there'd be entries from tenth grade. Nowadays entries are just for the lols
-Summer 2010

Here, I procrastinate by writing about things of questionable validity, usefulness, or coherence. It's like indie song lyrics, but without a woefully effeminate male voice. I have a friend who used to read this, but I think she dropped LJ a while ago, and honestly I hope she doesn't see these entries because they're so strange.

Otherwise, I am a junior year fake math major (because I'm mostly done with my engineering degree requirements and always wished I were smart enough to do math), so I spend most of my day getting kicked in the butt by basic math and also by being a bad lab rat. Grad level topology as a junior with only PDEs as math background? Running a heater rated for 200 degrees to 800 because the PI said to? The extent of my stupidity looks nothing like a Cauchy sequence!

Grocery shopping is the highlight of most of my weeks, especially if friends are involved. Other less noble interests involve long distance running, making things, FPS/RTS games, and reading. Chances are you would not like hanging out with me in real life because I do a lot of embarrassing things, like pay a cheap $7 restaurant meal with 70 dimes. Because dimes are money, and the tip was exactly 10 dimes.

-Winter 2012