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what i ate today, for records 
17th-Oct-2013 04:48 pm
-8 half burnt trader joes veggie dumplings, so maybe really 4 (5 dumplings 200 cal)
-the rest of the bag of those dumplings (bag has 3x270 cal)
-half a bag of twizzlers (bag has 1320 cal)
-2 small free cookies (crappy weekly seminar cookies) (??? cal)
-a mini almond snickers (100 cal?)
-1 goetze (lol??) caramel cream (? cal)
-half bag of trader joes chicken dumplings (bag has 600 cal)
-3 reeses cups (3x130 probably)
-half bag trader joes frozen mangoes (bag has 450 cal)
total calories ~4000

what i ate yesterday
-8 trader joes chicken dumplings (half bag, bag has 600 cal)
-1lb frozen peas and corn (bag has 250 cal?)
-half a slice of bread (trader joes tuscan pane) (each slice 110 cal)
-half a bag of twizzlers (watermelon 3x3) (bag has 1320 cal)
total calories ~2000

hopefully heart attack soon